Coach Boren’s free throw teaching system is based on information provided by the late Denny Price, father and coach of Mark Price, who was the best free throw shooter in NBA history. It has produced excellent results for the Dallas Mavericks for the past 19 years, as noted elsewhere on this website. The 2002-03 Mavericks team was exceptional, making 49 consecutive free throws in one game, when the previous record was 39. That record may stand forever, because it is rare when a team even attempts that many in a game.

Coach Boren also serves as Manager of Citizens Helping America’s Schools, which promotes the two primary youth programs of the Elks, the Elks “Hoop Shoot” and the Elks National Drug Awareness Program ( The “Hoop Shoot” is a nationwide free throw shooting competition for boys and girls 8-13, with over 1,500,000 annual participants. 

Citizens Helping America’s Schools provides Wooden’s Wisdom and other teaching aids to the teachers, coaches, PE instructors, students and parents at high, middle and elementary schools nationwide. Wooden’s Wisdom is a five year supply of weekly emails which share the timeless life lesson teachings of the late Hall of Fame Coach John Wooden. Among many other awards, Coach Wooden was voted the greatest coach in American history (of all sports) and was presented America’s most prestigious civil award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, by President George W. Bush in 2003. Coach Boren is honored to serve as National Marketing Director of Wooden’s Wisdom, representing the heirs of Coach Wooden in their quest to expand exposure to Wooden’s Wisdom, which can help people of all ages, just as Coach Wooden did his entire life.  For details, review

Adhering to NCAA and NBA guidelines, Coach Boren only coaches other coaches. Requests for personal instruction for players are referred to Coach Val Rhodes or 214-477-1153.  Many players have been referred to Coach Rhodes over the years, and all have expressed total satisfaction with the value of his instruction.  Coach Boren also offers a DVD, How to Coach Free Throw Shooting, at

Gary Boren
Dallas Mavericks Free Throw Shooting Coach